Ultimate shopping guide for Eid this Year 

Eid is a special time of year for Muslim families in countries around the world. If you have left the shopping to the last minute, you might be panicking about what you need to buy. It can be really difficult to think about shopping when you haven’t had any food or water, so here we have made the ultimate guide to help you shop and prepare for celebrating Eid.

If you can, shopping online is a great way to make things a bit easier. You can find a range of goods at your fingertips, and you can shop during the evening when you are well fed and feeling more comfortable. There are many great websites where you can buy everything you need to make your Eid celebrations special. Malls can be a good choice if you are looking to get things from a lot of different stores, as everything will be within close reach.

One of the most important things to buy for Eid is the perfect outfit. It’s a great day to dress up in traditional attire, so stores can get really busy. If possible, we recommend planning what you need to buy in advance so you don’t have to deal with crowds, if you won’t be buying online.

You might wish to choose some traditional Islamic gifts for family members on this special day. There are loads of gifts to choose from, so you can find something unique for all members of the family. You can also find a range of cards to give to family members to celebrate Eid, and even gift wrap to make your presents look great. There are even calendars available to help mark the countdown during Ramadan, and help get everyone looking forward to celebrating Eid.

There are a range of home decorations available to help get your house ready for an Eid feast. You can choose banners, lights, balloons and gift bags. There are even Eid-themed paper plates and cups available, which is great for saving on the cleaning up after having lots of friends and family round to celebrate.

It can become quite expensive when buying things to celebrate Eid, so we recommend having a budget in place before you begin. It’s easy to overspend if you’re not careful – take care when using credit cards in particular. If shopping at a fair or market, don’t be scared to try and haggle to get a better deal.…

Christmas shopping before December

It is almost a month before Christmas and you must be feeling more and more festive each day. Almost every city in UK have already lit up the most impressive lights and opened huge outdoors markets for seasonal goodies. This is the best time to start looking into going on a huge shopping trip! If you are one of those people that were collecting bits by bits for Christmas presents throughout the year then there is nothing for you here, you have avoided the Christmas shopping madness. If not, here are some ways to get all the gifts you need and save a little in one month. 

The hands down best time to do most of your festive shopping is the end of November. You might know why already. Black Friday! It is a huge American tradition but many companies in Great Britain choose to participate. Especially online shops that sell both to USA and UK. It happens on the Friday before Thanksgiving and it is the best opportunity to buy discounted products. I recommend shopping online as shops will be packed with people and you will not enjoy that experience.  

Do keep an eye on your emails as online shops will send you emails saying they are doing a big sale even before Friday. I think this is a genius way of avoiding the Friday madness. Alternatively, keep visiting the sites where you would love to shop and one day a huge 50-70% sale will appear! But think fast, everyone is prepared to do everything to get the discount. Are you? 

Definitely keep a look out for discounted items in the upcoming month and start collecting your Christmas gifts peace by peace. This will save you a lot of money and will make the presents very varied and even more exciting! I hope these quick tips will come in handy before the real festivities start!